What to Do if Your Vehicle Experiences Flood Damage

Part of your Hurricane Florence Relief could be caring for your car, especially if you're right on the White Oak River in Swansboro, near New River in Jacksonville, by the beach in Morehead City, or out by the lakes and creeks around Havelock. Although modern cars are tough, they could still experience some issues if they end up in a storm surge.

If you return home from an emergency evacuation to find your car flooded, there are a few important dos and don'ts to note:

  • DO Disconnect the car battery. This can prevent further electrical damage and keep you safe during cleanup. If possible, do this before evacuation.
  • DON'T Try to start your car! Your oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and many other systems could be contaminated with flood water, and trying to start the engine could cause serious damage.
  • DO Dry out your car as much as possible as soon as possible. Get any standing water out as soon as you can, then take everything that got wet out. Use a shop vacuum and towels to dry out the interior and upholstery. Don't forget hidden storage areas like spare tire compartments and under floor stowage!
  • DON'T Try to pull a car out of standing water yourself! Standing flood water is often much deeper and more dangerous than it looks. Call a tow truck, and leave vehicle recovery to the professionals.

Flood damage can take a heavy toll on your car. Luckily, our Mitsubishi Service Center is equipped to get your Mitsubishi back in action and ready for more. You can bring in or tow your vehicle to the service center using our Directions to Riverside Mitsubishi in New Bern.

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