Mitsubishi Car Payment Relief

Lenders and Auto Loan Relief Programs

The devastating effects of the pandemic continue to spread, and the financial implications have reached those who have been laid off, furloughed, or affected in other ways. Mitsubishi recognizes the profound hardship that the pandemic has created, and it is offering financial relief to its customers through a loan payment deferment program.

Ally Financial

Specifically, Mitsubishi owners who have financed their car or SUV through Ally Financial may request a loan payment deferral for up to 120 days. If Ally Financial approves your request for a deferment, you will not be required to make your regular auto loan payments for the entire deferment period. Late fees will not be charged, but interest charges will accrue as usual. If you purchase a new Mitsubishi with a loan through Ally Financial right now, you may qualify for a 90-day deferment.

End of Lease Options

Managing the end of an auto lease during the current economic environment can be stressful. Typically, drivers would choose to purchase the Mitsubishi that they have been driving by taking out a new loan, or they could surrender the Mitsubishi. Many drivers who return their leased vehicle to our dealership prefer to upgrade to one of our impressive new cars. Because of the pandemic, however, you may not be financially ready to make any of these moves. To inquire about other options available, contact our Mitsubishi dealership today.

Loan Deferment FAQs

What is a Mitsubishi Loan Deferment?

To obtain an auto loan payment deferral through Ally Financial, you must contact the customer service department to request approval. Once your deferment has been approved, you will be provided with a specific deferment period. Throughout this period, you will not need to make a payment. However, once the deferment period has ended, you must make your payments on time according to the established agreement.

Will a Mitsubishi Loan Deferment Damage My Credit?

As long as you set up your deferment plan with Ally Financial before skipping a payment and as long as you make all required payments outside of the deferment period, your credit rating will not be impacted. Any other payments that are made late, however, may be reported to the credit bureaus as usual.

How Do I Request a Mitsubishi Loan Deferment?

You can call Ally Financial’s customer service department to set up your deferment plan. You can also do so by accessing auto loan services through your online account or your mobile app.